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About Us

Established in 2011, Siliconpro Lab is a manufacturer of silicone and plastic products. We have a group of energetic maverick team with the intention to serve and enhance the wellbeing and healthiness of the nation's community. 

Our ever motivated and enthusiastic skilled and dedicated workforce from mixed cultural background working as an united entity to bring commendable results to customers and stakeholders; lead by a highly calibre and trusted professional management team. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in this manufacturing for plastics and silicone inline for medical, automotive, and E&E industries. Therefore, our team will be able to provide support in customer’s new projects such as designing, planning, and manufacturing. The high innovation and empowerment structure of our company helps to reduce customers’ response time. 

We are a one-stop manufacturing solution centre to facilitate customers and to reduce supply chain and sourcing lead time; starting from product conceptualization to packaging and distribution of final product. We understand and adhere to customers’ standards and requirements. Also, we focus on quality and delivery timing to practice Just-in-Time manufacturing concept.

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N.I.C.H.E methodology

  • Niche: Position as niche manufacturer in the versatile silicone injection moulding manufacturing environment

  • Innovation: Systematic inventive thinking and creative intelligence, the main subliminal characteristics at birth of Siliconpro

  • Challenge: Smiles at predicaments, strip them bare, analyses and kaizen

  • Heuristic: Systematic heuristic approaches in problem solving N.I.C.H.E methodology

  • Experience: Cultivating the most valuable assets of a company, the people!

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